Monday, April 11, 2011

Pink Watch

After the March weather reverted to roaring like a lion (that'll learn me to complain about an early thaw!), after floods, after divers other spring surprises, it's finally time for the pink watch. A few months ago I bought a fancy heart rate monitor from pknit. She suggested I put it to use immediately, but the notion of shoveling snow in the zone was so depressing I put it away instead. Here it is, ready to go.

Pink heart rate monitor

Branch Brook Park is also ready to show off – this year Newark Restaurant Week coincides with the Cherry Blossom Festival. There's even a Bloom Season Barometer in front of the visitors center that indicates that at the moment the majority of the trees in Cherryblossomland are: Budding.

Cherry Blossom Barometer

I suppose the barometer is a useful thing, although perhaps it would be better placed on the website or even at the entrances to the park... because if one is at the visitor center in the middle of the park, one can determine the condition of the trees for oneself by direct observation.

Heavy bud

Which is not meant as a complaint, merely a constructive suggestion. While buds may lack the charm of blossoms, forward-looking optimists are happy to see them. And I never tire of scouting the park for the early bloomers, which have a delicate grace all their own.

Early bloomer

Pity the same cannot be said of my knitting. I started this SKA January Mystery Sock and, alas, am bored. The beads, the STR Raven Clan colorway, the goth girl vibe – they bore me.

SKA January Mystery Sock in progress

Sigh. It's time to think pink.

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