Monday, August 15, 2011


Yesterday's monsoonal rains set records around the region and caused some flooding, so everyone stayed indoors at mi casa. I knitknitknitknit on UFO socks. Even the grayest skies couldn't dampen the brilliant blue of my Green Merino Socks.

Green Merino Socks

Alas, as the day wore, everyone began getting on each other's nerves. By the time I finished these modified Horcrux Socks for Molly, there was as much lightning inside the house as up in the sky or on the socks!

Horcrux Socks

It may be that more than one person was thinking about how Horcruxes are made; happily, murder is not required to make Horcrux Socks.


Kaye said...

I'm glad to hear your knitting progressed swimmingly! ;-)

craftivore said...

Lovely socks, wonderful antidote to flooding.