Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Over the weekend while I was hauling out another (!) FO or Go project for the Free Up Your Needles knit-along, I noticed the NY Times review of the new Mark Morris ballet "Renard" (and an article about the troubled Folk Art Museum). The worlds of dance and knitting may seem disparate, yet the photo seemed strangely spot on. Perhaps it's emblematic that the dancer's left hand extends beyond the frame of the photo.

Snow Queen with August 20 NY Times

Some in the knit-along have expressed concern that not all UFOs are real. Erm, there is so much that might be said on the topic... but I'll content myself with taking proof of SIP pix. Better yet, I now have two, count 'em, two pairs of sample socks to show off, Meadowlands and Summer Spirals.

Meadowlands Socks   Summer Spirals

Curiously, over the lapse of time between the first Meadowlands sock (August 2007) and the second (August 2011), my gauge seems to have become ever-so-slightly different.Meadowlands toes Stitch gauge is very slightly bigger; row gauge is very slightly smaller. The cumulative impact became noticeable at the toe of the sock – both feet were knit to the same place in the stitch pattern, yet the first sock has a round toe and the second sock needed a longer wedge toe to fit. Could it be that my knitting is changing similarly to my body, becoming ::cough:: rounder and shorter over time? Ayah.

Another thing I've noticed thanks to the knit-along is many participants have fewer UFOs yet a lot more project bags than I do.Project bag fabric What has been seen cannot be unseen – I simply do not have enough project bags, I know that now. When the KAL is over, I'm going to address the imbalance in the ratio of UFOs to project bags and stitch some up. Which means I'm looking at fabric now. I think I've found something suitable.

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