Thursday, September 1, 2011

Post Diluvian

Hurricane Irene came and went on Sunday, bringing heavy rain and leaving behind remarkable flooding, particularly in parts of NJ, NY, Connecticut, and Vermont. I'm hoping to indulge in a North Jersey post-storm tradition, going to Paterson to gawp at the Great Falls, although I don't want to add to the public safety burden, not to mention I have a modest public safety hazard of my own to manage.

Hurricane Irene damage

During the storm my street tree was damaged, so I've cordoned it off. I'm worried it may have to come down (sigh) – if so, may it be in a safe, controlled fashion! Township ordinance specifies that the township arborist has to make the determination. I've notified his office, the Police Department, and the neighbors, but he is rather busy at the moment, so I expect to be living with an abundance of caution tape for a while.

Meanwhile, the Free Up Your Needles knit-along was a fabulous success, thanks to the coaching of the moderator, Christine, and other participants. I managed to finish eight pairs of socks in August, enough to fill a small drawer.

Free Up Your Needles FOs

Top row: carbon footprint, traffic cone orange cycling socks, blue Green Merino Socks, happy Horcrux Socks for Molly. Bottom row: Summer Spirals, Meadowlands Socks, Tokena, Snow Queen.

Astonishing to relate, the KAL tripled my tally of finished objects for the year and reduced the count of singleton Socks of Shame by three. It indeed freed up quite a few needles (some of which could use an honorable discharge) and generated some lovely leftover yarn.

Freed needles   Leftover yarn

Perhaps the only shortcoming of the knit-along was the way in which the parade of beautiful FOs, project bags, and sock blockers posted in the discussion thread engendered dangerous desires. There really must be more project bags....

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