Friday, October 28, 2011

Something Wicked

By the pricking of my thumbs

The weather took a wild turn this week and a winter storm with snow! in October! is forecast for tomorrow. We could have a white Halloween roundabout Exit 151 – all part of living in the Anthropocene. I like to be prepared for French toast emergencies, so began knitting Turn A Square hats, because in my world the journey from Shakespeare to Halloween to severe weather to food to knitting is a short one. Here's the first one done.

Turn A Square

It's not for him, but DH could not forbear to grumble, "It's girly." I beg to differ. This is girly.

Amble in progress

It's an old Six Sox Knit-along pattern, Amble, worked in Forbidden Woolery Footloose, colorway Cherry Blossom Festival.

Footloose, Cherry Blossom Festival

I wanted a gansey sock for October Sockdown, something light-colored to show off the stitch work. Having used Footloose before, I knew it would have good stitch definition – I'm very pleased so far.

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