Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Keeping On

At casa Jersey Knitter Thanksgiving table talk this year was rather taken over by U.S. current events. Even dessert was not exempt. Let them eat cake? Of course not – Occupie!


Curiously, the upper crust started sinking when placed on the filling. Apparently, it's not a sustainable situation. The small pockmarks appear to correspond to where I pricked the bottom crust.

As sometimes happens, my regular commitment to cook for a soup kitchen fell during the holiday weekend. The kitchen crew prepared twice the normal T-Day weekend quantity of food – everyone shared and everyone was served and the meal was wonderful and blessed, but there were no leftovers, not a morsel. It would seem Lily, the new food-insecure Muppet (a counterpoint to the Cartier edition Tickle Me Elmo of some Christmases past), is all too true to life.

I spent so much time cooking last weekend that there was no opportunity to go shopping. It's fashionable in some circles to cluck at people who turn out in the wee hours for Black Friday doorbuster sales. But this year efforts like Buy Nothing Day strike me as less radical and more self-righteous. Many shoppers are buying necessities rather than frivolities this year, and I'm not going to judge that.


Needless to add, I didn't make much headway on my latest WIP over the weekend. It's starting to remind me of a Belted Galloway. Charming as heritage cattle may be, I'm hoping for more rapid progress now that I'm out of the kitchen. I usually stow my knitting in December, but this year I think I'll keep on knitting.

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