Sunday, December 4, 2011

Churn a Square

Santa's workshop, casa Jersey Knitter location, is churning out Turn A Square hats! This batch is non-striped, which seems to be better-received than the Noro-striped original style, at least by many non-knitters roundabout Exit 151. I'm surprised, but compliant.

Gray Turn a Square   Purple Turn a Square   Wheat Turn a Square

So much busyness calls for a festive new box bag... to hold still more small projects. I was a little out of it when I bought this fabric, thinking only, "Ooh! Socks!" The recognition they're Christmas stockings came later. Ah. I was a little out of it making the bag, too. I didn't fussy cut the fabric, but the print aligned along the zipper rather nicely anyway.

Christmas stocking box bag

Meanwhile, I'm searching for a replacement for my trusty old Tupperware pastry rolling sheet, which after years of faithful service is finally showing excessive wear. I've been considering this one. Although it's been so long since I was in the market, I'm suffering sticker shock. But Santa's workshop must work on!

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