Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hard on the Heels

Fair warning: gentle readers of long standing may wish to sit down or otherwise secure their persons against vapors, fainting, or other involuntary loss of consciousness. All set? I have another FO to show, Double Heelix socks. Two in one week – 2012 really is shaping to be a year of cosmic significance.

Double Heelix FO

Like the Winter Garden socks in the previous post, these posed a photography challenge: getting a good shot of the double spiral heels. Viewed untenanted and flat, they look plain old striped. On my Frankenfeet, the fancy part of the heel is pretty much visible only from below. Self-photography whilst doing Twister and yoga poses didn't quite work, so eventually I had to enlist DH, who helpfully snapped a number of shots and also remarked the heels sometimes resembled breasts, sometimes knees. On reviewing his pix, I had to admit he had a point. Here's knees (I hope).


On close examination, one can see the socks are complements – the two contrast colors and the two main colors are reversed in each sock – which gives the illusion the direction of knitting is mirrored. (It's not.) The charcoal BFL yarn is more luminous than the other yarns, which gives a subtle special effect not readily visible to the camera, or indeed the eye, rather like the sheen of gunmetal.

Overall, the socks were fun to make, but as previously mentioned the style is not the best fit on my Frankenfeet, even with modifications, so while I'll enjoy these socks, I doubt I'll knit the pattern again.

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