Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Apology Cakes

Lately I've been away from blogging so much that I sometimes feel I oughta make amends to the gentle readers I've been neglecting with an apology cake. Storebought, minimally decorated, and lettered in Comic Sans,Sorry for my blog no less, to add to the sincerity and depth of the abjection. Or does that compound the affront? I realize the usual apology cake is to atone for a sin of commission, but perhaps in this case it may also salve multiple sins of omission. Because in blogland perhaps the only thing worse than offensive (or insipid) posts is ::cough:: no posts at all.

However that may be, instead I made a Raspberry Buttermilk Cake with fresh, local, seasonal produce (Gourmet magazine recipe first noticed on Smitten Kitchen). The tender morsel was well-received by the long-suffering and always hungry denizens of Casa Jersey Knitter. I'll have to make it again. Note: the baking temperature given in the recipe is too high, resulting in a tough bottom, and I prefer less sugar in the batter. Also, next time I'll dust the berries with flour before adding them, to help prevent their juice from making mushy spots in the cake.

Raspberry Buttermilk Cake

The summer is fleeting away, and while hardly any knitting or spinning is occurring at Casa Jersey Knitter, planning for September Sockdown is in the works. The challenge for September is always a color challenge, and some years go better than others. This year the color is "tropical" (whatever that means), and it just so happens I have in stash a cake of Claudia Hand Painted Fingering, colorway Tropicana.

Tropicana yarn

While I'm quite certain Tropicana is tropical enough, I'm also certain there's Not Enough Yarn for a pair of socks. Oh, woecakes! Whatever to do?

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