Saturday, May 31, 2014

That's Two

Now I'm catching up. Earlier this month I finally finished a Sock of Shame, Sockdolager by Adrienne Fong, the qualifying pattern for last year's Sock Madness 7. Needless to add, last year's Sock Madness didn't go very well for me – I didn't even qualify for patterns.

Sockdolager socks, modeled

Sockdolager as written has a new-to-me Fleegle heel. While I enjoyed learning a new heel, it's not a good fit for my Frankenfeet – it might be good for someone with a narrow heel and wide ankle. So I knit the second sock with the usual eye of partridge heel flap and French heel and am much happier with the fit. In the photo below, the Fleegle heel is on the left, the French heel is on the right.

Fleegle versus flap heel

As mentioned previously, the yarn is vintage club yarn that looked pretty, almost dainty, in the skein. It's a little surprising how dynamic the knit fabric is. I expected the welted chevron pattern would add discipline to the skinny stripes; instead it seems to have unleashed them!

Finished Sockdolager socks

Overall, I'm pleased with these socks and also pleased to have finished them. This is a year of tying up loose ends for me, and it feels good.

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