Friday, July 4, 2014

Rotational Activity

Happy Fourth of July to USAans everywhere! Alas, along the U.S. Eastern seaboard first-of-the-season Cat 2 Hurricane Arthur is upsetting holiday weekend plans. Ah well, at least the storm track map is red, white, and blue.

Hurricane Arthur storm track

Image credit: National Hurricane Center.

Rant: I'm keeping a weather eye out, although I've been in more of a spin over the Supreme Court's "limited ruling" regarding access to contraception in Burwell v. Hobby Lobby on Monday and subsequent orders expanding on the ruling on Tuesday and Thursday. There's so much to dislike – the idea that corporations have civil rights, the admission the ruling is novel and without precedent, the disingenuous claim it's limited, that bosses get to control how employees use their compensation, the junk science, the inconsistent theology, the piercing of the corporate veil, the callous let them eat cake attitude. Gah. Some would boycott the companies that have filed suit – Hobby Lobby and Eden Foods among them. That's well and good, but the take-away for me is elections matter. End of rant.

I was looking forward to a more pleasant form of spinning, a weekend bike ride or three as my Kickstarter reward, a Po Campo Bike Share Bag, arrived. I'm very pleased with its thoughtful design, particularly its zip top and pockets and bungee cords. The bag arrived flat, but for the photo I stuffed it with fiber, of course...

Po Campo Bike Share Bag

... including the fiber I plan to spin for the Tour de Fleece, which starts tomorrow. The fiber is Gale's Art undyed ecru BFL, the spindle is my trusty 29 g birdseye maple Bosworth.

TdF fiber and spindle

This year I signed onto Team Madness Forever 2014, which seems a good fit. I'm aiming to spin yarn suitable for twined knitting, or Tvåändsstickning, which is traditionally 2-ply, spun S and plied Z from Swedish landrace sheep. I can manage the spinning technique, but the closest thing to Swedish landrace fiber that I could obtain is Finn, which I sampled and didn't entirely like, so BFL will have to do.

Tvaandsstickning sample

I think it does pretty well. I'm ready for le Grand Depart.

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