Friday, May 29, 2015


Today is Manhattanhenge! Or, to be precise, half-sun Manhattanhenge – the day the half-disk of the setting sun aligns with the Manhattan street grid and illuminates both sides of its cross streets evenly with no shadows. With all the tall buildings, it's just like Stonehenge, sorta. Tomorrow is full-sun Manhattanhenge. The phenomena, beloved of urban photographers, are as meaningful or as random as you make it. If you miss it, not to worry -- there's another alignment on July 12 and 13, plus there's winter Manhattanhenge, which involves the rising sun (not nearly as popular as the summer setting sun for some reason) and some other cities have their own-henge phenomena.

Meanwhile, Sock Madness 9 is winding down and Summer of Socks 2015 is heating up. I suppose The Stroop Stroop Socks by Ros Clarke could be considered my crossover pattern from one to the other. Maybe those stroopwafel motifs could be construed as sun signs overlaid by the Manhattan grid. It's a rare triple-dip with SKA as well. The above photo shows progress as of Memorial Day (didn't have the time to post until now; also, how can there be hockey in late May?). The goal is to finish before the end of the month – we'll see how the stars align.

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