Friday, July 3, 2015

Dec Page

It's the Fourth of July holiday weekend in the U.S., which means among other things somehow the entire month of June got away from me, including my 10th blogoversary. Welp, I can't do anything substantive about that just now, but I'll give it a go a bit later. In the meantime, gentle readers, amuse yerselves with this animated image from an article on the Declaration of Independence. For those who may have been wondering, the date of the document is significant: the nation's birthday.

The weekend seems a good a time to reflect on why some Americans find this foundational document racist. Or maybe the deeper question of why all Americans don't acknowledge our national original sin and engage in the difficult work to expiate it. Lately it seems a particularly urgent question, one that requires attention at the highest levels and by everyone. It was only a week ago that President Obama gave the eulogy for slain South Carolina state senator and pastor Clementa C. Pinckney.

For all that solemnity and deep thinking, my weekend has been fun thus far. It's not an irony, it's just life. The county concert and fireworks was Wednesday, there are parades and more fireworks tomorrow, not to mention the Tour de Fleece has its Grand Départ. But more on that later this weekend.

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