Saturday, March 26, 2016

Ecce Socks

Roundabout Exit 151 several sacred holidays are also common secular holidays. Yesterday, Good Friday, is one of them. For me, day off = FO. Ecce [Latin, Behold] Sock Madness glory, Rose & Thorn Socks by Ronni Smith! Worked in a mystery pink yarn from stash, they're a perfect fit on my Frankenfeet, which is a rare thing for a competition pattern.

Rose & Thorn Socks modeled

It turned out the beaded cast on is about equally complicated on circular needles as it is on double-pointed needles. After trying the former and becoming frustrated with dangling wires, I gave up and reverted to trusty dpns. Here's the beady picot cuff before folding.

Beady picot cuff, before folding

After folding and joining, some beads went askew.

Beads askew

It sometimes took considerable fiddling to get them astraight. It's better to knit carefully, even if slowly, and to get it right the first time rather than to have to stop for corrective measures.

Beads astraight

Alas, I was knitting in such haste, I forgot to weave in the cast-on tail before finishing joining the cuff. Oh well, I wove it in later.

Yarn tail

The pattern calls for an eye of partridge French heel and a wedge toe, my favorites for fit. The only mod I made, allowable under competition rules, was to lengthen the foot with three rounds of stockinette before starting the toe. I also double-dipped with March Sockdown, cable challenge. Happiness!

Meanwhile, at church I was voluntold to read the liturgy for the 12th Station of the Cross ("Jesus dies on the cross") for Good Friday. High churchy ritual generally doesn't do much for me, but perhaps others derive value and benefit from it. I hope so. It's not a draw for me, it also doesn't stop me from attending, but on the whole I'd rather stick to my knitting.

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