Monday, March 21, 2016

Round Two Already

Yesterday was the first day of spring (in this hemisphere); roundabout Exit 151 it snowed overnight, just a dusting. I didn't really notice as the second pattern for Sock Madness dropped: Rose & Thorn Socks by Ronni Smith. After the usual dithering over yarn and beads, I got to work.

The pattern has a touching backstory and features a beaded version of Judy's Magic Cast On wherein the beads symbolize small drops of blood from the thorns. The process ought to be straightforward.

Beaded Judy's Magic Cast On

Except it's not, especially not on double-pointed needles. For the love of yarn, DO NOT USE DPNs for this pattern, at least not until the cuff is hemmed. And once the cuff is hemmed, it's helpful to place an BOR marker. Ask me how I know all that.

Rose & Thorn wip

Once past the beaded CO and hemmed picot cuff, the pattern settles down. One measure of that is there are finished pairs already. Gah. I can't keep up with that, and have given up trying. Instead, I'm going to use this pattern to double dip with March Sockdown, because I can. knitknitknitknit

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Ruth said...

Looking great! I'm doing mine on 2 circs (the way I usually knit). About half done on the first foot.