Thursday, May 5, 2016

Bit O' Everything

Round 4 of Sock Madness started with a bang – the specs announcement and the pattern drop happened in quick succession! The pattern is Sweet Nuttins by Adrienne Fong. It's got a bit o' everything.

There's an interminable German Twisted Cast On, also known as the Old Norwegian CO. I was starting to feel like an Old Norwegian with this one, and so was my yarn. The extra twist in the CO was un-plying the soft yarn I'm using, Lorna's Laces Solemate. I misplaced the band, so don't know the colorway. Edited to add: Ravelry remembers! The colorway is 809 Midway.

Interminable German Twisted CO

The interminable CO in due course turns into a ruffle. As I usually wear handmade socks with pants, I'd rather not have ruffles on my midcalf socks. When this round is over, I plan to remove it. After the ruffle comes beads. I hated the beads I'd selected, so had to rush to the store to find more suitable ones. I like these, which to me are reminiscent of blueberries amid swirling vanilla ice cream.

Beaded leg

Not to mention there's cables and lace, an interminable patterned eye of partridge heel flap, and patterned gussets. But that's for next time. *knitknitknitknit*

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