Sunday, October 18, 2020

Spoopy: The Jaws of Doom

There's been so much that's flat-out terrifying this year, and then there's spoopiness.

Behold, the insatiable maw of garden destruction! Woe and alas, it's the Jaws of Doom! They may be tiny, but they are relentless. That was the choicest tomato of the week, and it was completely consumed in a matter of minutes, as were many others. They always go for the big ones.

Jaws of Doom

And that is why the mid-October harvest is goodly, but mostly cherry tomatoes this year. Ah well, they taste good.

Mid-October tomato harvest

For some reason that brush with doom made me re-visit my languishing Socks on a Plane – and frog it. Not for the first time. Maybe third time's the charm?

Frogged Socks on a Plane

It's time for Plan B C.

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