Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Summer's End

Today is the last day of summer in the northern hemisphere. The celestial equinox is 11:09 p.m. EDT,Summer of Socks button which seems a bit late for stunts like standing eggs on end. Howabout the neglected hurricane-delayed Summer of Socks wrap up instead?

This year I followed the SOS wedding theme, in honor of SOS founder and October bride Jessica, and didn't do too badly, especially compared with previous years' tallies. There's...

Something old: old glory 1776 cycling socks, which made their debut in the township 4th of July parade.

1776 socks

Something new: Lupin socks, which went on a hike. I wondered if the ridge from the zigzag bindoff would cause foot irritation, but it was comfortable, not bothersome at all.

Lupin socks

Something borrowed (from the public library): singleton I Heart Toe Up Sock from Socks from the Toe Up by Wendy Johnson. I modified the pattern to be a cuff down cycling sock because I heart cycling but ::cough:: I don't heart toe up socks, which rarely fit my Frankenfeet. The pretty knit-purl hearts are hard to photograph in this color, although they show up well in person.

Cuff down I Heart Toe Up singleton

Something blue: singleton Piscean Sock, pattern by the blooming frazzled bride herself. As I now have two complete Piscean socks, I suppose technically it no longer is a Sock of Shame, but... I don't exactly have a pair either, as the test knit is toe up and this one is cuff down and modified for fit.

Piscean Socks

As always, thanks to Jessica for a great low-stress knit-along – and good luck with the impending nuptials!

Monday, September 6, 2010

'Urricanes 'Ardly Hever 'Appen

After the big build up, Hurricane Earl turned out to be a mere swirl roundabout Exit 151. On the day landfall was forecast, DH and I packed our go bags...

Some people brought a lot

... and went to the U.S. Open.


It was overcast, hot, and uncomfortably humid, and there was one brief rain delay – no big deal. But between the bad weather forecast and the bad economy, there were plenty of empty seats, which the ushers guarded with deplorable zeal. Sigh.

Ana Ivanovic

As usual, we bought assigned seats in the nosebleed section of Arthur Ashe stadium, and also roamed the grounds, occasionally getting good unassigned seats in other courts. For example, we had courtside seats for a doubles match that included top seed Caroline Wozniacki. (DH felt gratified he spotted her potential two years ago.)

Caroline Wozniacki

I suppose it's another sign of hard times that several players were wearing the same fuschia dress. This year's sock is utilitarian too – more on that later.

Daniela Hantuchova

Off-court, there were the usual amusements, plus the Wilson couch. Despite the current paranoia concerns about NYC bedbugs, there was a line to sit on it.

Wilson couch

Last week I wanted to blog a wrap up post for Summer of Socks, but hurricane preparedness sucked up my blogging time. I'll be playing blog catch up this week!