Saturday, December 31, 2016

Ends with a Whimper

As sometimes happens at year-end, I came down with the flu. While this one is not the worst ever, it's been a doozy with the full complement of extreme fatigue and weakness, head and body aches, joint pain, fever, chills, and heavy cough – a fitting closeout to a dumpster fire of a year. For fellow US peeps and indeed globally it may well be that the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 were a greater national tragedy and the financial meltdown of September 2008 a greater threat to economic stability and well-being. But 2016 was chock full of its own exceptional stinkiness. So between periods of blank misery, I made a dumpster fire ornament and put it on my Christmas tree. Of course.

Dumpster fire 2016

DH claims it's not a proper dumpster because it lacks a lid; ergo, it's not a dumpster fire but a mere fire in a box. Everyone's a critic.

At least this year's knitting went reasonably well. I had a decent 10th anniversary Sock Madness – I advanced to Round 4, a personal best, then missed a spot in Round 5 by 35 minutes. That translates to a modicum of glory, a quartet of lovely socks: SlipStripeSpiral, Rose & Thorn Socks, Waimakariri, Sweet Nuttins.

SlipStripeSpiral   Rose & Thorn Socks   Waimakariri   Sweet Nuttins

Camp Loopy 2016 was similarly gratifying, not least because I knit my first skirt. Dunno why it took me so long – I love knitted skirts – nor why I still haven't taken a decent FO photo. The same could be said for my Tour de Fleece spinning – I fractal-spun some truly lovely fiber, yet have largely been ignoring it.

At year end, the Singleton Socks of Shame collectively form a bright ray – in 2016, one sock came down from the clothesline of shame, none went up for a total of seven Socks of Shame. That's tied with 2011, 2012, and 2014 for the minimum.

Singleton Socks of Shame, year end 2016

Singleton Socks of Shame 2016, left to right, oldest to newest: Meadowlands, Fawkes, Julesokker, Love Me Knot, Chain Link, Hanauma Bay, handspun Queen of Diamonds.

That'll just have to do. Onward to 2017!

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