Friday, March 16, 2007

We're Off to See the Harlot

Miss Dorre, she's got powers. Dabbling in the dark art of crochet is the merest tip of the iceberg.Tricoteuses sans frontieres button Proof positive: Wednesday it was 75° F (23° C) and balmy roundabout Exit 151. Then Dorre did her snow dance. Now there's snow falling on Jersey. More proof: Yesterday I wasn't planning to see the Yarn Harlot at FIT next Thursday (press release and grand plans). Today I am – even got out my Tricoteuses sans frontières button.

Kim is going – anyone else? I'll be the one wearing... er, something, hopefully Teva Durham's Yarn Over Steek Vest from Loop-D-Loop, worked in Malabrigo Aquarella in colorway Soriano. I figure the FIT auditorium will be chock full of Clapotis, so I may as well drop some stitches, too. The element of uncertainty enters because the vest currently is approximately equivalent in size to a hat and it's a busy time and I do plan to bring a real hat to donate and a traveling sock or somesuch to show off. Alas, the colors in the photo are entirely off.

Hat-sized vest

Meanwhile, Minnie and Dyann have asked how the Adventure Bag is coming, in particular, if using crochet cotton helped the top edge to felt evenly. It did – I'm quite pleased with the results.

Adventure Bag after two washes

It took three passes in my front-loading washing machine to felt the bag to my liking. The strap flaps shrank immediately, but the rest of the bag felted rather unevenly, with the most change occurring in the second pass. After the second pass, I unzipped the crochet cotton – it zipped right out, which was relieving and gratifying. The vertical channels in the felt mostly went away after the third pass.

Since then, finishing the Adventure Bag has been on hold while I've searched (not terribly energetically) for a zipper and rings for the strap. But never to fear, it's in no danger of sprouting wings and joining the vast cloud of UFOs buzzing roundabout Exit 151. Gah – no!!! There's not one, not two, but three township snowplows outside, methodically piling an ice berm at the apron of my driveway... and the fire hydrant! Must rush outside like a maniac to tell them off.


Calling Kahlo said...

In an effort to pursue my education and career, I have class next Thursday, damnit! My spring break was one week off so this will be my first time missing the Harlot. Wah! Have a great time and yes I imagine there will be plenty claps.

--Deb said...

Ooh, you're going to have such a great time--I'm so jealous!

Kathy said...

I've decided to go as well, I wasn't going to - and if it snows again I may not! But I figured it was a little over 2 hours away and I have a place to stay in the city so why not? I don't know if I'll be doing any crawls or meet ups as of yet. I've asked someone to come with me, it seems like something to do with a fellow knitter! Can't wait to see the throngs! But I don't have a wonderful finished object to put on! Just my new hat. And my sock and a hat to donate!

Kim said...

Yeah, I am so excited for Thursday. I must put some thought into whether to start a new sock for my "traveling sock."