Saturday, December 31, 2011

Taking Sock Stock

Behold the Singleton Socks of Shame on this surprisingly mild New Year's Eve. Don't they look uncrowded compared with years past (year end 2010, 2009, 2008)!

Singleton Socks of Shame, year end 2011

Left to right: Meadowlands, Scar, Fawkes, Julesokker, Love Me Knot, Clouds, Chain Link.

During a year that included freak storms, severe drought, flooding, and fires, freak earthquakes and tsunami, the ravages of pox, considerable local and global micro- and macroeconomic instability, frequent destructive gridlock in U.S. politics, the rise of grassroots movements and the decline of AstroTurfed ones, some major anniversaries, and even a failed Judgment Day or two, somehow three singleton socks came down, zero went up for a total of seven on the clothesline at year end. It's been a record year.

So for the record, three fibery highlights from 2011:

§ I knit my first pair of socks from my own handspun, Supporter's Socks by Linda Pankhurst, the qualifying pattern for Sock Madness V. I was promptly eliminated, and (surprise) didn't really mind.

Supporters Socks

§ My little DIPper pattern Summer Spirals was one of the selected patterns for Summer of Socks 2011. The sample sock is a singleton in the photo, but (happily) it didn't stay that way.

Summer Spirals sock

It was deeply rewarding to write and submit the pattern and to serve as the authorial resource to the KAL. And I gotta admit the Ravelry badge is pretty nifty.

§ During the month-long Free Up Your Needles knit-along I finished eight pairs of socks in progress, enough to fill a small drawer, and indeed freed up a lotta needles.

Free Up Your Needles FOs

Top row: carbon footprint, traffic cone orange cycling socks, blue Green Merino Socks (a former Sock of Shame), happy Horcrux Socks for Molly. Bottom row: Summer Spirals, Meadowlands Socks (another former Sock of Shame), Tokena, Snow Queen (yet anther former Sock of Shame).

For all that fiber happiness, I confess I'm ready for 2011 to recede into history. So best wishes for a Happy New Year to all, and see you on the other side.

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